Cheesy Quinoa Breadsticks

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I guess it’s a good thing that blogging isn’t my profession (insert ‘yet’) because I would have to fire myself for being so behind.

Guys, my life gets crazy sometimes. The past month…has been crazy.

SO…I made this recipe. It’s not my own and I cannot take credit for it. Unfortunately, when I get stressed or really busy, my creative side often takes a hit and this is when research comes into play!

I found this recipe online recently and just want to note how BOMB it is. That didn’t sound like a “Liz” thing to say. I am so sorry I said that.

Anyway, these breadsticks are amazing. They’re light and crispy with a breadiness in the center. Note how in the original recipe you can use this as a pizza crust as well! I just decided to go the cheesy breadstick route because, well, cheese. Also….the only modification I would recommend would be to use raw cheese in this. As someone who has been lactose intolerant for almost their entire life, I can say that raw dairy definitely has a way more positive effect on the body. It’s dairy the way it’s supposed to be consumed! Always in moderation, though, peeps!

Happy cooking!

PS How do you guys feel about me posting the results of other bloggers creations on here from time to time? Yes or no? Let me know!

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