This is a vulnerable post for me.

It’s difficult for me to fail. It always has been.

I find so much of my self-worth from meeting or exceeding goals I set for myself. I always want to get and be better.

Today, my friends, I share with you openly my failures.

Let me start by stating that operating a cooking blog is tough.

To gain followers, you must always be one step ahead thinking, creating, not failing.

Sadly, though, failure happens A LOT in the kitchen.

Since this is just a side project for me right now, whenever a recipe fails it usually takes a few days for me to recover. Depending on what I made, there’s a loss of money and time, both of which I don’t have at my expense.

So, here I go. Down the slippery slope of failure. Let’s maybe lighten it up a bit…with some backstories…

photo 1

Ahhh. The sweet potato ice cream. This was going to be so amazing I could feel it! But… it ended up tasting like a cold bowl of cinnamon. Look at that AWESOME filter too!!!

photo 3

Ugh! These were so good! Wait, good? Yes, I said good. They tasted awesome, but looked like poop…. moving on…

photo 2

I still haven’t emotionally recovered from this one. I made this for Valentine’s dinner two years ago and it was absolutely incredible. It was a coconut chocolate caramel fondue. I didn’t write down the recipe. I cannot recall it for the life of me. Fail.

photo 4

Oh oh! This was that time that I was going to be like my mom and totally kill it in gardening. I grew banana peppers! Aren’t they pretty??? They tasted like grainy nothing. Blegh.

photo 5

I saved the best for last. This is what I made today! You want some???!!! It looks like a mass murder baked bloody tomatoes and barfed all over it! Delicious! This was my insanely epic fail at making….drum roll please…pop tarts and strawberry tarts. Laugh all you want! I already did!

So, what I’m trying to do here is show that maybe I don’t have it all together.

Maybe I get insanely pissed and jealous when others look like they have it together. I’m still a human.

I’m slowly learning to let go, though. It’s a process, but I’m learning.

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