Grain and Simple has gone LIVE!

This is such an exciting post, you guys!!

My awesome friend, Ethan, is really the main reason I have a site. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than awesome, and he really pulled through! You should check out his work at

So… this post is mainly my ramblings about the pure excitement that this is for me. As many of you know, my one big goal in life is to release a cookbook. If I can see one of my cookbooks on just one shelf, I will be happy. Seriously! Now, though, as I’m trying to act my age and be up-to-date with social media, I’m going to be posting more and trying to get more people to follow me on this little journey. I want to share this passion with you… I mean, being healthy isn’t that difficult for me now, but the road has been long. And windy. And very very hilly. Those who have run with me know how I hate hills, so….there’s that.

Anyway, here’s the scoop. I need to gain some interest over here. For those that read this, please share and get people to “Like” my page on Facebook or start pinning recipes on Pinterest. It will really help!

Thanks so much to all that support me. Especially to my awesome husband who was the first person that said I needed to make all of this reality! You rule!


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